Planning on Returning

I want to make my third trip back to Guatemala and I look forward to it as much as I did my first trip!! Those who know me are aware that many call me a colorist and then you will understand my excitement with Guatemala. Often called the most colorful place in the world - for me its like a child going to Disney Land. I am totally absorbed in the color and its people.

Please understand that more than half of my workshop participants are NOT ARTISTS. Shoppers constitute the majority, but others just want a wonderful place to GET AWAY!!!

I don't have a date set for my next trip... depends on number of people interested in joining me. If you would be interested in my next adventure please contact me where I can add your name to my list of interested people.  Please consider joining me for one of these great trips!

For the artists among you I believe you will love all the color and atmosphere. You will find plenty to paint and thousands of photos as resources for the future. I will demonstrate with Pastels but you may bring what ever you wish to work with!

For a wonderful Adventure and lots of Fun - get your passports and come join me in Guatemala!!!