Steven Napper

Oil Workshop

I have been working to simplify…simplify…simplify my painting palette as much as possible. I am using Winsor & Newton as the base brand, especially when painting in the field (easier to replace) but use Gamblin in the studio. The following are the colors I am currently working with: (I have been doing a lot of paintings with just Cad Yellow, Alizarin, Ultra Blue and white - takes longer to mix but great lesson in colors)
Left to Right
Naples Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Pale
Permanent Alizarin
Indian Red
Burnt Sienna
Thalo Yellow Green
French Ultramarine Blue
Titanium White - I use Griffin Alkyd (W&N) when in the field (Quick Drying)

These additional colors may be added if needed
Mono Orange (Gamblin)
Yellow Ochre
Raw Sienna
Raw Umber
Cerulean Blue
Mineral Violet (Holbein)

Langnickle Long-haired, long-handled filberts (these are more expensive but quality pays off)
Langnickle Long-haired, long-handled flats (I use mainly flats in painting landscapes, filberts in painting portraits)
Robert Simmons natural-bristle filberts
Small bristle cheap-o house painting brush
Anything else that will get the job done

I usually use nothing - I prefer the consistency of paint right out of the tube!
Winsor & Newtons Liquin (Original Formula) I sometimes use when I what a darker lay-in to dry faster (which is usually the darks/shadows).

Mineral Spirits/Turpentine Please have a reseal able container for both new & used fluids (No glass jars)
Walnut Oil - cold pressed, food-grade & edible. It is non-toxic, has no odor, no harmful fumes.
Paper towels/napkins
Rubber gloves
Dawn dish washing soap