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Steven Napper
Plein Air Workshop

In working Plein air there are several items that can make the day more successful!
You can get your basic oil/pastel material needs from list provided but the following are some tips I have found helpful when working in the field.

Photo 1: I have developed a simple folding carrier made from foam core that I find very helpful. It allows you work on ground as if it were a drawing board then works as a carrier to transport work back home or to the framer. Simply cut 2 foam core sheets to standard size (I carry 9 x 12's and 12 x 16's) and place them side by side and tape the spine - fold back the other direction and tape the other side of the spine. You can tape in a sheet of glasin and tape 2 grounds face to face with glasin between them.
Photo 2: I also carry my standard size papers between 2 pieces of foam core using butterfly clips to hold them together when I travel.
Photo 3: Simplify your palette as much as possible - device a system that carries your pastels and makes them easy to get to when you paint. I have a simple box that has interlocking edges, each side has foam carpet pad covered in flannel. Sides lock together with Velcro. This is what I like but there are a variety of systems available that are more organized.