3. Art by John Puthoff, Virginia Vaughan, Richard Weems, Daniel Maldonado, Marvin Stevenson, Guatemalan artists

John Puthoff... I met John at one of the Estes Park, CO. shows and fell in love with his work. Very unique in that it is carved and sculpted leather, creating a 3D appearance. John's day job was that he was the official holster maker for both Ruger and Colt Firearms.

"Sprit of the White Buffalo" carved and sculpted leather, 24 x 20 framed. Estimated value $ 900 asking $ 450 or Best Offer

"Sprit of the White Buffalo" by John Puthoff

"Hill Country Scene" by V.... Vaughan

V....Vaughan.... Virginia is a resident of north Austin, TX and is a wonderful artist. I have had the pleasure of painting with Virginia on various locations in the Texas hill country and always learn something new. This piece was done live for a TV station in Louisiana as part of their programing, I really liked it when I saw it and had to bring it home.

"Hill Country Scene" Oil, 15 x 19" framed 11 x 14" image. Estimated value $ 400 asking $ 200 or Best Offer

"Taos Bench" by Richard Weems
Oil, 15 x 5" framed 10 x 20" image
Estamed value $450 asking $ 225 or Best Offer

"New Mexico Snow" by Daniel Maldonado Opaque watercolor, 14 1/2 x 36" framed 8 x 30"image. Estimated value $1,200 asking $600 or Best Offer. I bet I showed with Daniel for over 40 years

"Saragosa Afternoon" by Marvin Stevenson

"Early Snow" by Marvin Stevenson

Marvin Stevenson... Marvin was instrumental in my early art career, he and his wife owned the first art gallery I ever exhibit in. He had been a Scout leader in my youth growing up in Odessa, TX., after college and trying to get exposure I contacted Marvin and he excepted me into his gallery. A wonderful watercolorist, Marvin had an influence on all arts in West Texas. The first piece entitled "Saragosa Afternoon" features structures from a little town south of Pecos that I always traveled through when going to Scout camp. When I was in college the community was almost totally destroyed by a tornado, this piece brings back many memories.

"Saragosa Afternoon" Watercplor, 25 x 32" framed 15 x 21" image. Estimated value $ 1,200 asking $ 600 or Best Offer
"Early Snow" Watercolor, 13 1/2 x 33" framed. Estamted value $500 asking $250 or Best Offer

Unknown Guatemalan artist, from my trip to teach and paint in Guatemala, #1 varnished casein, #2 watercolor

#1 Varnished casein  8 x 5" Market Scene. Estimated value #1 $ 90 asking $ 45 or Best Offer

#2 Watercolor of water well 7 x 5", Estimated Value $ 60 asking $ 30 or Best Offer