Collection of 3 of my most important mentors in teaching me the skills of handling Pastels

Ben Konis... Ben had been an instructor at the famous Artist Student League in New York,NY and a noted fashion illustrator. He moved to Amarillo in the late 1960's (his wife was from the area), he started teaching private instruction  and I became one of his earliest students. Ben has been featured in numerous books and magazines. Ben would host 2 shows each year at his beauiful home in Amarillo, I purchased these 3 paintingin the 1980's and 90's. Deceased

The 1st pastel is entitled "Turquoise" is above. A beautiful portrait piece featuring his wonderful COLORS. 25 1/2 x21 1/2" framed, 16 x 12" image. estimated value $ 2,100, asking $1,050 or Best Offer


"Taos Elder"

"Taos Elder" by Ben Konis 20 x 24" framed, 14 x 18" image. Pastel estimated value $ 2,100 asking $ 1,050 or Best Offer

"Northern New Mexico"

"Northern New Mexico" by Ben Konis 19 x 22" framed, 11 x 14" image. Pastel  Ben most noted for his portraits but I always loved his vibrant landscapes. Estimated value $ 1,400, asking $ 700 or Best Offer 

Albert Handel... Another New York based artist and past instructor at the Art Students League. Albert has written at least 4 books on the usage of Pastel and I'm sure that he is working on another, any book written on pastels since the 1970's features his works. Considered one of the Masters of Pastels worldwide, now living in Santa Fe, NM


Once I had started working in pastels there were 2 Masters, Albert and Daniel Greene. Ben Konis had great respect for Albert so I decided to study with him in the early 1980's. He was still living in New York but was coming to teach a workshop in Ruidoso, NM. This piece was one of the demo's Albert completed during the workshop, "Mums"

"Mums" by Albert Handel 24 x 30" framed 15 x 21" image Pastel. Estimated value $ 2,400 asking $ 1,200 or Best Offer

"Bonito Creek" Plein air pastel

During the 2 week workshop in New Mexico we were to go out and do a plein air painting (on location). I spent some time driving around trying to find a spot I wanted to paint, I finally returned to a location I liked to find another car parked there, checking out the site I found that it was Albert, he had found the exact same location. I sat behind Albert and enjoyed the opportunity to watch a master do his work. About 3 weeks after the workshop I received a large package and it was this painting framed and ready to hang, a gift from Albert. This has been one of my prized possessions ever since

"Bonito Creek" by Albert Handel 26 x 33" framed 14 x 21" image. Pastel Plein air. Estimated vale $ 2,500 asking $1,250 or Best Offer

Daniel Greene... Considered one of the primer portrait painters in the world using pastel or oil. Painting some of the most famous people in the world, first artist to break $ 250,000 for a portrait in the early 1980's. I had valved to study with him when opportunity was made, in the mid 1980's he came out from New York to teach in Los Angeles, CA. and I was there. A few years later he was teaching in Austin, TX and a guest of the university there. During his demo's he always has arrangements made for sitters to pay him to do their portraits, this evening something happened and the sitter could not be there, I volunteered and made an offer and he excepted, another prized possession

"Steven Napper" Demo portrait

"Steven Napper" Demo portrait.  Pastel. I know not to many people will be standing in line to purchase a portrait of me, but I am offering an example of one of the true great masters. Estimated value $ 5,000 asking $ 2,500 or Best Offer